You Can Have It All, All At The Same Time

"You Can Have It All, All At The Same Time" Clients, Money, Love, Success & Happiness

Real Estate and Money Show PodcastThursday July 16th, Join Antoinette Gangi and Marc Demetriou with guest, Melissa Krivachek, 2x International Best-Selling Author,  Award Winning Entrepreneur and Coach. Broadcasted at 10 am on WVNJ 1160 on your am dial.

You Can Have It All Show Topics:

  • Adding value to the marketplace and being compensated for it
  • The freedom and flexibility investing in the RE market can provide
  • How love, success, and happiness is going to affect your business and your business is going to effect your relationship
  • The importance of cash flow and sales
You Can Have It All, All At The Same TimeI'm 2x International Best-Selling Author & Award Winning Entrepreneur Melissa Krivachek. I Speak To and Coach Entrepreneurs From All Walks of Life, In Multiple Industries Around The World. If you're serious about business and are ready to take your life, business, and bottom line to the next level I'd love to help. I've helped clients increase their bottom line 10x over a period of four months. Close 100K deals without sales experience. Make 4.5x the investment of coaching back in two weeks. Generate a referral worth 150K. And build 20M businesses. Watch the video to learn more about my story and see my clients results.
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